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Pleaching system

Pleached Tree framing system. We have designed our own framing system in stainless steel which attaches to your fence. It is minimal and elegant in its design but strong enough to support the weight of horizontal branches in the wind.


What is pleaching?
Pleaching is the art of training high tree branches horizontally in a line which creates the effect of a hedge on stilts. 

Pleached trees are ideal for Wellington gardens. For small gardens with limited growing space, or close neighbours, pleaching is one of the best ways to create a beautiful garden feature and a privacy screen at the same time. We can advise what to grow and how to train the trees along the wires.

For a free measure and quote for pleaching contact us. 

Hornbeam trained on wires

Hornbeam trained along wires on a pleaching frame attached to a fence.

Example of pleached trees

Example of mature pleached and espalliered trees

Pleaching frame by Mosaicdesign

Pleaching frame powdercoated black

Frame designed by Mosaicdesign

Stainless steel pleaching frame using rods with young trees

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