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First meeting to discuss the garden

We offer a free service (within Wellington City) to meet with you to discuss your requirements for a general garden plan, hard landscaping or planting plan, or to order wirework, pleaching frames or other custom made garden structures for your garden. The free meeting is a measure and quote. If you have questions about planting, construction or design and need advice, see "Design consultation".  

Design consultation

$150 +gst for the first hour, then $75/hr +gst thereafter. Travel may be charged depending on location of garden.

If you want some ideas, inspiration or practical advice on planting, construction or garden layout, we walk with you around your garden answering your questions.

Note: In cases where the design consultation leads to a general garden plan, planting or hard landscaping plan, the consultation fee may be waived.  

General garden plan

$1,500 - $2,000 per area +gst.

Revitalise part of the garden to include some hard landscaping and some planting. 

Planting (soft landscaping) plan

Plant options (list of plants with pictures). $800 to $1,500/area + gst. 

We can give you plant options for each area of your garden including an 'edit' of existing plants on site. Note: Planting design is like creating a giant floral arrangement and the best result is achieved by careful arrangement of the plants on site, therefore we don't mark each individual plant on the plan.

Hard landscaping plan

$1500-$2000 +gst per garden area (depending on size and complexity).

If your garden needs a major overhaul or surrounds a new building, then we can supply a scale plan of all hard surfaces within the garden to be constructed (might include steps, paving plan, decking, fencing, garden beds, driveways and retaining walls) for your contractor.

Construction details for special features, eg, a pergola or a fountain would need additional drawings and be charged separately.

Building and installing the garden

Meeting with contractors and installation - $75/hour +gst.

We can meet with building contractors on site to obtain quotes and discuss the design. We can manage gardeners to include placing the plants. We are happy to advise on ongoing maintenance.

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